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We look forward to helping you with your uniforms for the Spring 2018season.

 Please complete the form below and email it to no Later than 5pm on January 25, 2018.

If we don’t receive your order form on the due date then we cannot guarantee your uniforms will be delivered on-time.

 If you have questions please send them to the

Please make sure you provide your contact information on the form if we need to get a hold of you.

This form is only for the Single A & Softball teams in FBSA. 


Click on the uniforms you will be ordering:

MLB Order form - Order form Major.xlsx

Minor Order form - Order form Minor.xlsx

Softball Order form - Order form Softball.xlsx


Softball Jersey (Champro Sports) DIAMOND ACTIVE LADIES JERSEY
Baseball - MLB (Majestic - IY83) Majestic Eagle 2 button
Baseball/Softball non MLB (Augusta) August 427


Non MLB - (Outdoor cap) JM 123 Outdoor cap JM 123
MLB - (Outdoor Cap - 300) MLB - 300
MILB (Outdoor Cap - 253 Minor League caps - 253
Softball Visors (Outdoor Cap -100) Visors - 100


If you adding coaches besides the two that the leagues pays for or any parent jerseys or hats the cost is the following: 

* MLB Baseball Majestic Jersey - $29.75

* Baseball/Softball August Jersey - $27.00

* Softball/Coaches Champro - $20.00

* MLB/Minor league replica hats - $8.60

* Softball Visors - $11.00


If you want to add extra coaches or parent Jerseys or Hats please email that information to IYF and someone willcontact you directly.

If you are a AA team or a team playing in FBSA league or Tournaments and need help with uniforms please feel free to reach out via the email provided above and we would be happy to provide you a quote for uniforms




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